Shana • Yogi

Shana is my friend and yoga buddy. She’s falling in love with the Mile High City and jumped at the opportunity to share her experience thus far.

How long have you lived in Denver?

I’ve been in Denver for a year and a half.

What does it mean to be Shana?

I am an ever-evolving spirit on a journey through life. I am one part of the interconnectedness that is this universe. I exist in the world as one piece of a massive puzzle. At the end of the day I am nothing, however, I know that even one tiny person can make a huge impact so I strive to constantly be the best version of myself, to give to others, to laugh, to be open, to be kind, to be free, to be beautiful, to be compassionate. I recognize that I am nothing but also everything I aspire to be and so much more.

What does it mean to you to be Black in Denver?

To me, being Black in Denver means not having to conform or subscribe to a certain mold. I can be who I want to be free of judgment. I can take pride in my appearance and just simply be me. I only have myself to impress, and that is a pretty powerful feeling.

What are the benefits of being your authentic self?

Being true to myself brings me peace and happiness. I don’t have to follow any trends or concern myself with what others are doing because it is none of my business. Focusing on myself and doing what brings me joy helps facilitate deeper exploration within myself. I am able to reflect, assess and determine if I’m living my life for myself or someone else. Living my life authentically allows for no competition and no comparisons, only self-reflection.

How has your experience in Denver shaped you as a creative, entrepreneur, professional?

Being in Denver has forced me to slow down and analyze what matters to me the most. It’s encouraged me to focus on my values and ensure that I’m living my life according to them.