Keyonna • Co-Owner, Lawrence & Larimer

Keyonna, a Denver native, co-owns Lawrence & Larimer with her husband John and is here to educate the world through style. When I first visited the East Colfax retail storefront, I was met by Keyonna’s warm smile, inviting personality and their incredibly adorable son and local celebrity, Britton-Grae.

Here’s what the business owner had to say about her Black in Denver experience. It oozes #blackgirlmagic.

What does it mean to you to be Black in Denver?

For me, being Black in Denver is about building and sharing the city’s history while creating new experiences and memories. It’s about sharing our journey as entrepreneurs with our community to push the culture forward.

As the co-owner of Lawrence & Larimer, being Black in Denver is also about educating the world through style. Which I attribute to my family circle, which is full of strong, beautiful, and talented Black women from Denver. To see them together was an event itself. Not only did they dress to the nines – big hats, fancy shoes, swag rags – but they also had a poise about them. Cultured. Full of love. Laughter. Life. Naturally living in themselves. Unapologetic. Free.
For me, it was permission to go off into this world and be the best version of myself. They were my Black in Denver experience and where I first witnessed #blackgirlmagic.

How have your experiences in Denver shaped you as a creative?

Outside of college, I’ve lived in Denver my whole life. I grew up in a family of business owners, so my cousins and I were always around creatives and entrepreneurs. For example, my late grandmother, who was a ridiculously creative wedding/event planner also served as the Recreation Director with Denver Parks and Recreation. When I was growing up, the centers secured tickets for the neighborhood kids and families to attend concerts, see plays at the Denver Performing Arts Center, go on outdoor excursions, and so much more. Having those opportunities as a kid has certainly shaped me into the creative I am today.

If you aren’t familiar with Keyonna and John’s clothing company, you should stop by. The family-owned retail store is located at 3229 East Colfax Avenue, nestled between Denver Biscuit Company and Little Lula Rose.