Teresa • Artist & Owner, ArtAlive Design Studio

Teresa Brown, a local artist, was born and raised in Colorado and is on a mission to make her colorful creations available and affordable to all. I fell in love with Teresa’s collage work at an event this summer and quickly purchased one of her beautiful stationery sets. The Denver local was gracious enough to share more about herself, her art, and her experience living here.

What does it mean to you to be Black in Denver?

It has always been about family, community, and networking. When it comes to my art, it’s about finding my niche and learning that not every event, craft show, art festival, co-op, and gallery is a good fit for me. I get involved in events where my work is appreciated, such as the Colorado Black Arts Festival, Harambee hosted by the National Council of Negro Women Denver Section and Ujamaa to name a few. It’s so important that the community support one another, encourage one another and lift each other up.

What do you love most about living in Denver?

I love the mountains, the crisp air, the dry weather and how that keeps the bugs down. I love going for long walks outdoors. I love how there is almost always sunshine, and how the snow doesn’t stay around long because of the light. I love how I can see out into the distance all around me, all the way to downtown on a clear day. I love the beauty of Colorado.

Tell me about your business.

I’m a Colorado native and an artist. I express myself through my art in the use of bold, bright color combinations, repetition of shapes, patterns and a variety of textures. My favorite subject is the form of the dancer and the beauty of the female face and form. I began experimenting with collage in 1988 creating free-flowing art forms full of movement, grace, and poise. In 1991, I presented my first one-woman exhibit. Since that time I’ve participated in numerous gallery shows, art festivals, and vendor events. My work has been published by several art publishers and distributed nationwide.

I 2009, I started my business ArtAlive Design Studio. I began painting on clothing, tote bags and putting my images on journals, note cards, and prints and selling them at affordable prices. I want to see more people walk away from my events with a piece of art that they will enjoy in their everyday lives.

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