Suandria • Counselor & Coach, My Choice My Power

Suandria Hall is a mental health counselor and coach at My Choice My Power. She focuses on clients working through life transitions, women’s issues, and religious trauma. Suandria moved to Colorado from Atlanta seven years ago.

What does it mean to you to be Black in Denver?

Being Black in Denver means to be a friend, a resource, and open. I struggled to make friends after moving to Denver. I worked remotely and didn’t have the usual meeting places – school, church, work – to meet people, much less Black people. I also had to do a lot of research to find “Black stuff”; hair salons, beauty supplies, music, and what people do, etc. I had to learn how it worked here and am still learning. But what I have learned I share regularly. I choose to be open in every way being a Black woman in Denver. There are opportunities all around to connect, have fun, participate, and grow. It may not always be “Black” but we as Blacks in Denver can do anything we want; expanding, growing, changing, experiencing.

Tell me about your business.

I’m a mental health counselor. My focus is on women’s issues, life transitions and religious trauma. I work with everyone but I do hope to be a source for the Black community in the Denver metro area.

What do you love most about living in Denver?

There’s a small-town feel with access to city amenities (international airport, restaurants, etc). I also appreciate the diversity. I thought it lacked diversity when I moved here seven years ago. But I’ve learned more about diversity; mainly that it doesn’t mean “more Black”. So I love that Denver has taught me to see things differently. I get to raise my daughter around many cultures and show her a community very different from the one I was raised in.

How have your experiences in Denver shaped you as a creative, entrepreneur, professional, etc.?

Because the Black community is smaller than I’m used to, I’ve felt the need to go harder. To meet more people, expand my circle of influence and knowledge, and to represent Blacks in a strong way. My mind has opened more. But there’s an ease to working here that I didn’t feel in Atlanta. I feel more chill even when I’m busting my ass.

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