Natasha • Owner, Dubwise Yoga Denver

Natasha Chaoua is the founder and owner of Dubwise Yoga Denver, and graduate of Satya Yoga Cooperative, the nation’s first POC member-owned yoga cooperative. She’s a CNA, medical cannabis patient/advocate, and soon-to-be certified ganja yoga teacher. She’s a mom, wife, and a kind soul.

Our conversation ranged from the importance of making space for the community, especially in a city presently being impacted by gentrification, and the healing power of the breath. When I asked Natasha to describe Denver in one word, she replied, “evolving.” Here’s what it means to be Natasha in Denver.

What does it mean to be Natasha?

I am a space holder and caregiver. I am someone who is always looking out for you. I share techniques that are simple and accessible to communities that need it the most. Being a yoga instructor with a background in healthcare allows me to see people holistically. I get to witness and share in an individual’s growth. Seeing how we release after a few moments of breathing and holding space for each other, checking into our bodies and feelings is always an honor.

What does it mean to you to be Black in Denver?

To be me in Denver is to be someone who is always searching for culture, community, and home. I’m originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and my parents are from and currently live in Jamaica. I left in 2000, lived in Buffalo, Ithaca, and arrived here in 2009. Throughout that time, I married, had a family, and began working towards a path in healthcare by becoming a CNA.

I found yoga as a practice that balanced me, especially in my early twenties. It wasn’t until recently, almost twenty years later, that I decided to become an instructor and I chose to learn from Satya Yoga Collective under the direction of Lakshmi Nair. I’m currently a certified hatha yoga teacher and registered with Yoga Alliance.

Being Black In Denver means changing the narrative. Creating spaces that reflect and cater to our current and on-going needs, specifically communities of color. I‘m focused on supporting the journey and intentional work of my fellow practitioners and diving deeper into uncommon spaces exercising our voices and abilities. I’m sharing the practices of yoga as an accessible tool for the betterment of ourselves.

What do you love most about living in Denver?

Finding new communities, it’s so spread out. There are different cultural pockets all around town. There are also so many opportunities for growth here, the only thing stopping you is yourself.

How have your experiences in Denver shaped you?

All experiences, whether good or bad, have shaped me into the person and practitioner that I am today and continues to lead me into areas that I needed and continue to personally address. I’m grateful for all things. My experiences here have enabled me to open up more.

Natasha currently holds three donation-based and one private offering for the community. When you attend Natasha’s classes your contribution supports her efforts in offering donation-based yoga classes to every-body throughout the Denver area.