Gwen • Public Speaker and Kabbalah Student

When two souls find each other, it isn’t by accident. That was the case with Gwen, a woman to whom I was naturally drawn. And while I don’t know her well, between the time of our meeting at Whittier Cafe and our photo shoot, we have become fast and dear friends.

Gwen–Denver native, Kabbalah student, and KUVO board member–is the color purple. She told me so while wearing a purple shirt and lavender nails, and sitting in her lilac-painted living room; so there wasn’t much reason to doubt her. Gwen is on this rock to play and celebrate every day for the rest of her days. She enjoys mahjong, the occasional game of bridge with her friends, and taking a painting class.

Gwen is also concerned with our inability to challenge and exchange ideas through meaningful dialogue. So, to combat this growing problem, she hosts a conversation salon group called Conversation Renaissance. The group assembles monthly and is made up of different ages, races, socioeconomic, educational, and religious backgrounds. Folks gather to have a conversation about life in an effort to learn and connect.

Gwen regularly exclaims, “Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!” She is soul beautiful and a true inspiration. Here’s what it means to be Gwen in Denver.

Tell me about yourself.

I celebrate and play every day; that is what I do. Everything I do is play. Play is an intriguing concept because when we play, we are rooted in our imagination. It’s fun. I celebrate every day because I am aware of how blessed I am and all the gifts that come my way. We are showered with gifts every day, but I think we’re too busy or angry or tired to notice them. So I like to notice my gifts every day, and that’s why I celebrate. When you celebrate you are happy and looking forward.

Who are you?

I am a happy spirit of God. That is who I am. I have some fears, but I choose to dwell on the positive. It has taken me a long time to get to this point. The gift is paying attention to it and learning.

What does it mean to be Gwen?

It means that I have to take risks. It means that I acknowledge my fears. It means that I listen to my self-talk and edit it accordingly. It means that I am still learning to embrace and accept myself fully.

What does it mean to you to be Black in Denver?

It is freedom. I’ve made a choice to immerse myself in Mexican, Native American, Jewish, and gay culture. I feel like I’m a part of it all. I believe that we’re all one. Because of my experiences in Denver, I find it easy to exist in different groups. The freedom to be me and the comfort to step into fully being myself is fun and full of lessons.

Tell me about the power of being yourself.

If I want something, I can put out a prayer and I know it will manifest. I have been able to manifest big things, like a trip to Spain with my friends to little things like discounts. I always say to be conscious of what you wish for. At least for me, because I manifest.

What do you love most about living in Denver?

I love the weather. I love the mountains. The mountains are so powerful and peaceful and quiet, but they aren’t really quiet. They are always talking.

Tell me about the power of being quiet.

I think that when I am quiet, I can breathe. When I stop the chatter and breathe, I find that I can relax and let go. Sometimes I even hear the voice of God. That’s the power of being quiet. We’re not quiet enough. I’m not quiet enough.

How have your experiences in Denver shaped you?

Well, here I am. My experiences in life have shaped me into this nice, friendly, powerful, strong, harmonious, loving, kind, a little afraid, a little skittish, a little longing, iridescent purple bubble.

Gwen is my friend and someone who inspires me to be grateful, to play, and to celebrate. What are you celebrating today? If you would like more information about Conversation Renaissance, please contact me here.