Sheba • Owner & Creative Director, Misira

Sheba is the owner and creative director of Misira. She’s a proud podcast enthusiast and Jewish woman of color. I met Sheba a year ago through a mutual friend who grew up in Park Hill. We were instantaneous friends. When I asked her what it means to be black in Denver, as usual, she dropped gems.

How long have you lived in Denver?

I have lived in Denver, Colorado for just over 1 year, so I am new.

What does it mean to you to be black in Denver?

For me, being black in Denver is about building community and creating awareness of the many vibrant entrepreneurs, culture creators and dope vibe-makers living here.

What do you love most about living in Denver?

I am originally from Madison, Wisconsin, and when I would travel people would ask me, “Are there any black people there?” The answer was, yes there are, but that said, I did have to put myself out there to find opportunities to share space and connect in meaningful ways within the black community. I find it to be similar here in Denver – there are plenty of black folks here – but you have to make an effort to connect. I have been happy to find lots of groups such as the Black Women’s Alliance, Outdoor Afro and the Soulflower Denver community!

Tell me about your business.

The Misira Etsy Store was founded in 2017 to increase access to education for women and girls in Gambia through the equitable trade of handmade, African-inspired fashion.