About the Artist:

Narkita Gold is a Denver-based contemporary photographer, interpretive artist, and creative behind the portrait and interview series (ethnography) Black in Denver exploring the question “What does it mean to you to be black in Denver?” Narkita’s own personal transformation sparked the vision for the colorful, thought-provoking visual ode to the black community, highlighting the complexity and depth of the black experience in the Mile High City. ⁣

Black in Denver takes a critical look at identity. The portraits are of unique individuals, both locals and transplants. The background colors are as vibrant and varied as the community. Each color repeats intentionally, representing our interdependence. Participants offer poignant, poetic, and revealing accounts of life in Denver, ranging from the importance of building community to taking up space in an ever-evolving city.

Narkita’s work is inspired by the vision of a world where all people can be authentic expressions of themselves. She believes that photography has the power to capture the human soul of a person, and seen through the lens of those photographed and interviewed, Black in Denver supports and demonstrates the notion that blackness, and identity in general, is not a monolith. In a society where black people are often stereotyped and seen as homogenous, Narkita hopes to change the narrative and raise awareness about the power of being oneself.⁣

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